I love going to Walt Disney World, it  gives me the opportunity to be transported to another place and live in the land of make-believe. Of course, when you have been there all day with family and friends, you want to share in the enjoyment of the moment by sharing a meal and /or a treat with them.

Right now the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is happening. Each country around the world at the theme park has little dishes that represent different regions of the world.

Now imagine a lovely day at Epcot. You’re with your friends and everybody decide to eat around the world. With each passing food kiosk, it become evident that there isn’t any vegan for you. Your only options are vegetarian – filled with eggs, butter, milk and topped with cheese.

You can not believe your eyes. your once lovely day has now turned into a full blown rain storm with the possibility of tornadoes.  Finally, you get to South Africa and there is a vegetarian dish that looks promising. Bunny Chow! According to the description in the weekly guide, it  is a vegetable curry that is served with bread. Finally, right? Wrong!  The chef tells you that it has butter in it.

To make matters worse, the symbol that is being used to display that there are vegetarian options, looks pretty close to the symbol that is recognized as vegan. The only difference one has a leaf and the other has pixie dust. Yet when you are standing at a distance from it, you see the “V” and immediately think that you can eat, only to find out that that is not the case.

I am quite upset by this because it pushes away a great deal of people who are vegetarians that lean more towards veganism. I know, I am visiting an omnivores dream, however this is supposed to be Disney where all of our dreams come true as often as possible. Do vegans not have dreams? I would love to know.

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