Welcome to BeyondNFinity!!!


Be Your Inner Self.

Be Truth.

Be Incredible.

Be Free.

Be Infinite!!!

Words I have spoken to myself on multiple occasions. Sort of like a mantra to soothe my soul. It has taken me years to get to this point while at the same time, I have always known these words to be true. It is just a matter of truly going within and trusting as well as knowing that I am THE only one that can free myself. It is that knowing of our greatest selves within us and the greatness that goes by many names that propels us to a vast infinite unknown where anything and everything is always POSSIBLE!!!

Each day, you can begin your journey to self by looking within and following your truth which will in turn free you to strive constantly to be your best or at least do better than you did in the past. Because the best place to be is in the PRESENT!!!

In life, we tend to see ourselves as beings always striving to be instead of beings that are already. We put ourselves down through the way we speak to ourselves, carry ourselves, and through the people we surround ourselves with in daily life. Instead of us realizing that WE are our own best cheerleader. WE are the ones that choose the way we present ourselves to the world. WE choose who is to be in our lives and how we are treated. WE choose what we put into and on our bodies.

What is BeyondNFinity, you say? BeyondNFinity is more of a state of being than anything. The goal of BeyondNFinity is to provide a place of discovery, creativity, excellence, and more. Really BeyondNFinity is about going beyond what we perceive to be impossible in order to be who we truly are through living our truth in every area of our lives by way of FOOD. Yes I said FOOD! Every edible item can be used to heal the body both inside and out of multiple things. We truly can heal ourselves just by the foods we place in and on our bodies.

I LOVE food! I used to eat just about everything. Then my cholesterol had it’s way with me and the love affair ended or so I thought…

It all started with a trip to the doctor’s office for a routine check up. After getting one test that showed my cholesterol high and near 200. My doctor wanted to see me again after a couple of weeks to see if my results would change. Well, I immediately went out to take the test over again after my office visit. Once the doctor’s appointment came around again, my doctor received the results with a look of surprise only to find out that I took the test wrong. She wanted me to take the test only a couple of days before my next visit not immediately after I left her office. I had one of those “AHA!” moments of it’s about what I eat. I realized that I had not eaten anything sweet and rich before that visit, instead I ate very healthy. It was at that moment I decided to treat my body better. Also, I had to visit my cardiologist during which time I was told that I had to change my eating drastically – screech!!!

On the first night of starting my diet, ground beef was being prepared for a meal. The moment I stepped into the kitchen, I couldn’t tolerate the smell of blood coming from the pot. From that day until the end of the week, I could not tolerate any animal products at all. Soymilk was my milk of choice for years, so that should have given me a clue. I honestly could have gone vegan within a week, yet I stretched it out a few weeks. Then I went vegan. I can say without a doubt that living a vegan lifestyle is exactly where I should be in my life. And the cholesterol? It went down below 150, way below 200. My body naturally regulated my weight while I enjoyed amazing meals. Nice! The biggest plus – I still get to enjoy amazing food.

BeyondNFinity is founded, created and maintained by me, Jacqueline Wyble. Whom regularly uses food in the form of spices and simple vegetable seasonings like onions, celery, bell peppers, garlic, and ginger along with vegetables (mostly green leafy vegetables), fruit, grains, nuts/seeds, legumes and beans. Simply eating vegan truly helps to maintain health. My philosophy is FOOD IS MEDICINE IN BALANCE. I have found that Koreans share that same philosophy with the addition of with harmony in nature. They also place a high priority on taste. It is this long standing tradition that has kept the Koreans both healthy and young. As well as, incorporating exercise in every aspect of their lives. Their cuisine isn’t just about eating, it is way more. It is a part of their philosophy, their customs, their land. It is within every fiber of their country and its people. It starts with the foundation of fermented iingredients – kimchi, kanjang (soy sauce), doenjang (soybean paste), and gochujang (red pepper paste). Then moves right into fresh whole foods of vegetables, mushrooms, roots, ginseng, fruits, grains, beans and legumes, and healthy proteins, in this case, tofu (dubu). The traditional Korean lifestyle is considered to be one of the healthiest, if not THE healthiest lifestyle in the world. Join me in exploring and experiencing it through the eyes of a vegan.

Who can you be if there were no perceived obstacles? What would you accomplish if there were no limits to the sky of possibility? What calls you to do and be if you could move beyond what you perceive to be impossible? What genius is within you? What amazing things will you cook, write, paint, dance, build, and dream? Go beyond what you have been told is possible and impossible.


Many blessings,