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Vegan Fall Harvest Meal (Vegan Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving Day! Oh the day we celebrate by giving thanks for all that we have and counting our blessings with turkey, giblet gravy, bacon ladened green beans, sausage stuffing, butter cream cheese mashed potatoes, and honey citrus zested cranberry sauce. Blah, blah, blah. Does that sound good to you? For most people, it is pure heaven on a plate.

For a vegan, thanksgiving can be a time that just seems better to stay in bed and sleep the day away. however with the right kind of planning, all can be heaven on a vegan plate.

I chose to get a Field Roast Celebration Roast. I made a plan for multiple side dishes. However, once I got in the kitchen and began preparing food, I realized that what I had was enough. Along with the roast, I prepared a simple dressing (stuffing depending on where you are from), mashed potatoes, garlic sauteed kale, steamed haricot verts and carrots with herbs, cranberry sauce made from sweetened dried cranberries, and homemade dinner rolls, all soft and lite.

So what was I thankful for? My grateful list is, yes I said list, is short. The biggest thing I am most grateful for is being with family.



Vegan Mofo # 31 Halloween


Halloween. That wonderful day and night were you get to become someone else and get free candy. It is such a happy occasion for millions of children and adults. For vegans though, this can be an incredibly depressing occasion. Because most candy have ingredients that vegans do not eat.

Candy that has white sugar processed using bone char, honey, milk chocolate, butter, and eggs. I used to eat hard (Alicante) Turron until I became vegan. Turron is a beautiful confection of egg whites, honey, sugar, and almonds. Of course there are different varieties from different countries. However, we are not speaking of that kind of candy.

I am speaking of all those sticky, chewy, chocolatey kind. Unfortunately, there is dairy and white sugar involved. One of my favorites that I can no longer have – Snickers. Yet, that problem has been solved.



A great company named  Go Max Go Foods has created a line of vegan candy bars similar to some major bars on the market. Jokerz is the one that has replaced my peanut, caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate covered bar. There is a Buccaneer bar. Can you guess which bar this one emulates? There’s Twilight which has a chocolate nougat, caramel, and a rice milk chocolate covering. I am sure that you can guess which one that one is giving good vegan delights.

There are some pretty tasty vegan candies to be had for Halloween, yet I love caramel, nutty, chocolatey goodness.

I hope every vegan had the most thrilling Halloween.



Vegan Mofo #30 Farewell Vegan Mofo


This has been the best month of my blogging life!

I really must thank Vegan Mofo for helping to jumpstart my blogging life. I had such fear in putting myself out there as well as putting recipes on the web for all to see.

There is more food in me, it is just a matter of sitting down and planning each dish. Yes, I do intend to continue to keep this site going. Each day, I have been teaching myself how to do the blogging thing. However now with a little more time I should be able to really make it look its best.

Thank you so much for all those who have visited and possibly tried some of my recipes. I hope to bring you more flavorful and interesting content in the future. As well as do everything I can to make the Vegan Mofo Team proud in their part to help get me started.

I have loved every minute even though it takes energy and time to create one post, I have been humbled by this process and will continue to grow.

Thank you Vegan Month of Food 2011 for changing my life!