What do you do when you have little cravings? You must fill them! You have a Treat Day! I know what you’re thinking (or not), this isn’t healthy! I beg the differ. I know that you’re worried about getting carried away. However, once you get a taste of what you’re craving, you’ll be satisfied.

If you ignore your cravings just because vegan is equated with healthy, boring and bland, it will set you up just as it does for omnivores for an all out pig out fest that goes way beyond what you originally intended. So if there is a vegan equivalent of your craving, have at it.

Gardein Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers


Enticing packaging. Look, it’s even telling me to “savor it”. Look at the picture on the package calling me. Gardein Lime Crispy Fingers. Okay, so it sounds like something you’d have for a Halloween party. Still, think of all the possibilities. For now, we’ll follow the instructions on the package to get started. You just don’t know how much I hate (yes, hate is a strong word) to follow rules. It’s not in my vocabulary, yet I’ll do my best. We lay each one out for a trip to the oven for their tans, ha ha ha. I couldn’t resist.



And how does it taste? If you did not know any better, you would think it was the real thing. Honestly, that is seriously scary. How does Gardein do it? First off, it has texture and taste of real chicken. The spiciness of the chipotle peppers comes through quite strong. This would work well with avocados or cucumbers and radish in a taco salad. Hell, just put it all in there with a creamy tofu perilla leaf sauce. Yes. we will make that another time.

Those donuts from earlier came from Whole Foods and yes they are vegan. One is a creme filled donut like a Boston Creme filled donut which are round or a Long John which is rectangular. However, it’s really more of an éclair because it has a creme filling and topped with icing. Long Johns do not have a filling. Yet, when you are having a craving who cares what it is called, right?

Next time, I will get a green drink. Balance.


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    1. BeyondNFinity™ Post author

      I know, are they not one of the most delectable donuts you’ve ever seen? I MUST get one or both every time I go to Whole Foods Market. I tried posting on your blog; I do not think it went through. I will try again. Good to see you again!

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