I can not believe that I forget to post about the WONDERFUL cookies I received in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!

They all came on the same day! Oh joy!

We gathered around our goodies ready to taste each cookie and taste we did!

The first cookie package we opened came in a beautifully decorated container of different shades of gold. We lifted the lid and there inside were “Maple- Frosted Pumpkin Spice” Cookies!

These cookies had a deep spicy pumpkin flavor that was soft like pillows when you bit into them. The frosting added to that softness with just a kiss of maple.

The next cookie we dove into were “Vegan Nog” Cookies!

These also were soft and frosted. a wonderful warming spicy nog flavor that complimented my nog, cider, and hot chocolate.

The final package of cookies were “What the He$%!” Cookies! Yes, you read that right. You read “What the Hell!” And that is exactly what I said when I opened them.

These had so many flavor nodes that blended so well that all I needed was a glass of almond milk.

None of the cookies lasted longer than a few days, if that. We gobbled them up real quick and brought smiles to our faces.

We are so ready the next cookie swap!

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