Vegan Mofo #29 Yum-Mi Sandwiches


I was in the mood for a sandwich, however not just any kind of sandwich. I wanted something that I had not tried before. My mind and mouth wanted something light and delicious. This restaurant fit on both accounts. I could not decided what I wanted exactly, so I chose  two different items to try.

The first was a sandwich called “The Veganism”. It had fried tofu, bean curd, jicama, carrots, yam, and vermicelli. Loved it!



The other thing that caught my attention was a Yum-Mi Noodle Salad Bowl. In that category, I chose the Steamed Tofu and Vegetables. It was super light. If you are hungry, I would not get just one. Or better yet get one of those and another item as well. Like spring rolls. Still, it had a fresh, light, clean flavor. Simple, yet tasty.



If you ever find yourself in Orlando, Florida, make sure you stop by this simple, yet clearly defined place. They are located at:

1227 North Mills Avenue

Orlando, FL 32803

(407) 894-1808