Vegan Mofo #16 Chia French Toast

I have this craving for french toast. I love french toast. I love the smell of the house when I make french toast. Most of the time I make french toast for dessert with some kind of fruit and a little drizzle of agave. Yet, there are times when I want the wonderful taste that I remember when I was a child for breakfast.

It is really quite simple to make. I don’t do anything complicated. I love using a sourdough bread for that tang, just as I remember in Louisiana making it with day old french bread that basically started to have a little tang to it due to age. So, sourdough makes a great replacement. Other than that, you can use any kind of bread you choose, just make sure that it is vegan.

Not everyone uses a recipe for french toast, however I will try to remember what I do every time. Here it goes!


Chia French Toast

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: Serves 2

Serving Size: 2 pieces


  • 4 slices sourdough bread or any bread of your choosing
  • Custard
  • vegan spread, about 1 Tbsp or your choice of quantity
  • 1 1/2 - 2 cups almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds, ground cinnamon
  • nutmeg, whole
  • microplane or grater
  • Maple Flavored Agave or maple syrup


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Chia Seeds
  3. Place chia seeds into a coffee bean grinder, food processor, or food prep processor.
  4. Grind until ground.
  5. Set aside.
  6. Custard
  7. Place almond milk and ground chia seeds into a bowl.
  8. Mix.
  9. As the mixture sits, it will thicken. You may need to add more milk based on how thick or thin you want the custard.
  10. French Toast
  11. Dip each slice into the milk/chia seed mixture.
  12. Remove excess of mixture from the bread by sliding fingers down the sides of the bread.
  13. Place dipped slices into a baking pan coated with vegan spread. Or a silicone food safe baking pan.
  14. Sprinkle each slice of bread with cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg (a little goes a long way).
  15. Place the baking pan on oven.
  16. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until lightly brown.
  17. Serve.